She Can See

The dot-matrix printout in Dr. Jackson’s hand shook like a bobble-head doll on the dashboard of a ’49 Ford roll’in down South Central Ave., aka: pothole alley.

Only twice in his 30-year medical practice and research career had he seen these undeniable results of the test he had pioneered.

“My God, She Can See,” he whispered.

The inner city of Los Angeles was an unlikely place to launch a mission into outer space and Myla was an improbable astronaut. The fact that she was a minor was the least of her disqualifying characteristics. Never-the-less, she was the chosen one. As if that weren’t enough to anger the world’s space agencies, she would take others more questionable than her on their journey.

* * *

She Can See

  • An urban sci-fi novel. It is being published on-line and is serialized weekly.

Note: She Can See online is the first (unedited) draft. You’re likely to find some typos and/or passages that don’t quite make sense. Please let me know if you find a boo-boo.